Loyalty Points

As a thank you, every £25 you spend of full priced items online or in store gets you a point on your Ration Book! Once you have filled your Ration book (20points) you get a FREE dress or Single Ticketed item worth up to £60 of your choice! Any remaining balance can be paid for on top. It works out about 12.5% off every time you buy with us! I mean, what’s not to love?!

If you have multiple cards, never fear! These can be merged together and honoured as though it were one card! If you have 20 points and want to use it towards something online, please use the contact us page and I will assist you accordingly as we aren’t ‘digitalised’ and we use good old pen and paper method so everything has to be done by hand… well we are vintage after all darling!

Use your loyalty points